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When you post an ad you will get only one email per ad with a “key” that you will need to edit and/or re-new your ads. Each ad has its own key so keep these emails. If you think it would help to make videos to show how to post and edit ads let me know (below) and I will make them if enough people ask.

Not Allowed:
• Prescription medication
• Tobacco/Alcohol
• Any postings that contain links that might be malicious or infectious
• No obscene or offensive language.
• No Ads that could be considered obscene, indecent, lewd, pornographic, violent, abusive, insulting, threatening, harassing, or in violation of any laws.
• Adult-oriented material
• Advice or admonishments
• Affidavits
• Donation requests/solicitations
• Competing Web sites or Facebook Groups
• File sharing / piracy
• Medical paraphernalia (syringes, insulin pumps, catheters, etc.)
• Monetary requests
• No weapons/firearms/Crossbows/ (Including parts, ammo or supplies)
• Personal ads
• Pet Ads of ANY kind. (you may post pet supplies, but NO ANIMALS)
• Warnings / Stories of personal experiences

1 ) Please indicate the usage, age, and condition of the item
2) ALL Car seat postings MUST have the expiration date, as well as if it is have ever been in a car accident. Expiration Dates can be easily found here: http://www.achildgrows.com/car-seat-expiration/
3) Do NOT post tubing or any other item that cannot be sanitized properly
5) USE YOUR BEST JUDGEMENT!!! Always check the AAP website http://www.aap.org/en-us/ to see the latest news and or regulations regarding baby items. BE SAFE!!!!

The final transaction of buying/selling an item is solely between the parties involved and not the administrators of this site. The buyer and seller will need to work out all arrangements including accepted form of payment (cash only, check, etc.), final price and transportation of the item. Keep safety in mind when meeting for transactions, bring someones with you or meet in a public place. At the very least let someone know your going and where the meeting will take place.

Any ads that, in our sole judgment, appear to violate the Classifieds rules may be deleted without notice. 302Classifieds reserves the right to remove any posting and limit or terminate access to anyone for any reason at any time.

Any Questions or suggestions please leave a comment below.

Tom G – site admin

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